We have already reopened the concert hall and rehearsal rooms with the necessary health instructions to offer a safe and quality service. The reduction in capacity allows us to be operational, but it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure safe and responsible use. The measures implemented in the premises are:


The staff will attend you with a mask and will disinfect their hands after each service.


Reception, bar and toilets will be offenly sanitized.
We will put disinfectant gel at your disposal in these spaces.
All bar drinks will be served in single-use containers.


We re-establish the capacity of the rehearsal rooms to a maximum of 12 people (Room 1), 9 people (Room 3) and 6 people (Rooms 5 , 6 , 7 and 8).
Each room and its equipment (mixing table, amplifiers, etc.) will be sanitized every day.
Rental instruments and materials will also be disinfected after each use.


As an exceptional hygienic measure, we recommend that everyone who can bring their own microphone from home.

In any case, at La Nau we have them as part of the equipment included in the cabin rental (and they will be disinfected after each use).

We offer SM58 mic grids at cost price.

From La Nau, we only ask you:

Please use the mask at all times.

Please keep distance in common areas.

Please come as few musicians as possible to rehearsals.

In addition to implementing these measures, we keep in contact with the relevant authorities to be updated with news and developments relevant to La Nau’s activity. You can check our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay tunned.

La Nau Team