Estudio de grabación

A surprisingly wide and versatile space

Here at La Nau Studio we have an analog console + Neve preamps which gives our recordings that unique sound that has pioneered the industry since the 60s. The studio connected to the main room gives musicians an extraordinarily roomy space, which provides a more natural sound and allows for simultaneous recordings of all musicians in a band, even big bands and large classical ensembles. Furthermore, we offer videoclip or live sessions recording services and it’s also open to any artistic disciplines: dance, theatre, workshops, etc.

Rider Estudio
  • Amek Media 5.1 soundboard (44 Neve preamps, 44 Eq Neve)

  • Pro Tools HD 7.4 (recording) and Pro Tools 10 and 11 (mix)

  • Interface (up to 32 i/o): 192 i/o (3x), Antelope Orion 32

  • Amie Meyer Sound and Dynaudio Acoustics BM15A monitors

  • Processor: Summit DCL Dual COmpressor, TC Electronic M3000, Lexico MPX 550

  • 6x Shure Sm58

  • 6x Shure Sm57

  • 2x Shure Beta52

  • 2x Shure Beta58A

  • 1x Shure Beta57A

  • 3x Sennheiser MD421

  • 1x Sennheiser MD441

  • 1x Sennheiser E906

  • 2x Electrovoice RE20

  • 2x Electrovoice PL80a

  • 1x Beyerdynamic M88TG

  • 1x Beyerdynamic M160

  • 1x Shure Beta91A

  • 3x Shure Sm81

  • 5x Shure Beta98

  • 3x Audio-Technica ATM350

  • 4x Neumann Km184

  • 2x AKG C 414

  • 1x Beyerdynamic M160

  • 6x BSS AR-133

  • 4x Palmer PAN 01 Pro

  • 3x Palmer PAN 02

  • 2x Neumann TLM103

  • 1x Neumann U87

  • 1x Híbrido cápsula Neumann

  • Full Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drum set (10", 12", 14", 16", 22")

  • Ampeg Portaflex PF500 bass amp + Cabinet PF115HE

  • Peavey Delta Blues guitar amp

  • Clearsonic acoustic gear, and others